Our Salute

Dominica_GI_11.5It’s a great time to recognize and honor the commitment and sacrifices our veterans have made, as well as the specialized skills they have earned. At Dominion, we support these men and women by honoring their military service efforts and valuing their professional commitment to the Dominion family.

In fact, our company was among the first utilities in the country to partner in the Troops to Energy Jobs program and spearhead the program’s development. With the help of this program, and dedicated recruitment and outreach efforts, we are able to attract veterans who are seeking employment. For the past two years, one in four new hires have been veterans.

Recently, we were named, for the fifth year in a row, one of the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers by G.I. Jobs Magazine.

This month, we are highlighting military & veteran employees around the company – past and present. We salute each of them and thank them for their service. You can follow the highlights on our Dominion Careers Facebook Page  and watch this video to learn more about them.

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About Where's Dee?

Hi, I’m Dee and I work at Dominion. My job is to scout out some of the most interesting areas of our business and share them with you. I would love to know if there are areas you are particularly interested in and I will do my best to get you a full report.
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One Response to Our Salute

  1. Dee Davison says:

    Hey Dee, my name is Dee and I work for a Transformer Testing & Repair Company…tickled me to see you. I am the safety manager here at work…how cute Dee.
    All the best, Dee

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